"Beautifully shot and masterfully cut" The LAist

"M*A*S*H Without the Sugar Coating" Nashville Scene 

“Gives a powerful sense of what life in the field is really like for MSF doctors” Reuters

"A fascinating glimpse into the work of this Nobel Peace Prize-winning group" Chicago Tribune 

"View, urgently, ‘Living in Emergency’...make it your business to see this movie in whatever venue or format you can find" Alex Kafka, Cine Synapse 

 "A riveting documentary" Limité Magazine 

"The film should be mandatory viewing for all" The Phillyist 

“Unparalleled insights into the work of MSFThe Lancet Student

”A really great film” Film Threat

"Living in Emergency is as graphic as it is gripping" IPS NEWS 

“Determined to strip away the fictional mythology of humanitarian work that often finds its way into these sorts of documentaries” Calgary Herald

"It's extraordinary. It hit really close to home for me when I saw it. It brought me to tears." Santa Barbara Independent (MSF Doctor Interview) 

"Few nonprofits will allow a filmmaker to show internal conflict, which is one of the most striking features of Hopkins's film." Washington Post 

"The documentary shines a light on the tireless and often thankless work MSF is doing in regions of the world too dangerous for most other organizations." ABC NEWS ( Elizabeth Vargas) 

"A rare glimpse inside Doctors Without Borders" Creative Loafing Tampa (blog)

"A rare inside look at one of the world's leading medical humanitarian agencies." Orlando Sentinel 

"First-of-its-kind, war time documentary" Liberian Observer 

"Leaving the Comfort Zone in 2010" Politics Daily

“The most powerful documentary I have experienced” Journal of Sacred Work

“It blew my mind...I thought long and hard about how connected we all are” Queenmab Contemplates

“Haunting and graphic...One audience member said: "It felt like M*A*S*H*, only real” HaikuGirl Movies

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"We finally got a chance to see Hopkins’ work – shortlisted for an Oscar – last night at a private screening, and let me tell you – ”ER” at its most vibrant is like “Mary Poppins” compared to this stuff." By Roger Friedman
Tested by Fire
Inside Doctors Without Borders: Interview with Dr. Chris Brasher and Director Mark Hopkins.

"An unprecedented look at a way of life that is often glorified but rarely understood."  Read more.
‘Living in Emergency’ Highlights Doctors Without Borders
By Alexandra Cheney
“A powerhouse of emotion and tension...” Read more.
Director Mark N. Hopkins on the making of the film... and the dilemma of how to channel “Florence Nightingale and Keith Richards” into one story arc... Read more

Director, 'Living in Emergency: Stories of Doctors without Borders'

Oscar Buzz for 'Living in Emergency'

Interview with Director Mark Hopkins

First uncensored documentary about Doctors Without Borders on short list for Academy Award nomination.



Interview with Dr. Chris Brasher and Director Mark Hopkins